Dayluta Means Kindness


Dayluta Means Kindness

Late Phases, Sleepspent, Homerun Derby

Fri ยท September 29, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

The Lowbrow Palace

El Paso, TX


Dayluta Means Kindness
Dayluta Means Kindness
Dayluta Means Kindness is an instrumental post-rock band from Texas. Following Texas' rich heritage with the genre, they encompass beautiful and subtle melodies and waves of amplified guitar sound that reach large walls of sound. Having no vocalist provides their listeners to create their own narratives to what the songs mean to them and is seen as an advantage to the band. The band formed from very modest aspirations to a collective unit that has dedicated itself to perform lively and energetic shows. The band has shared the stage with mostly touring packages since its inception; having shared a stage with their contemporaries in Caddywhompus, Aviator, Rescuer, Boyfrndz, and Future Death. The band released their demo 'The Ground is Lava' and the music video for the demo's namesake, also entitled 'The Ground is Lava' on December 9th.

The band was invited to play Austin's FREE WEEK 2015 at the Historic Scoot Inn by Austin's Southwest Post-Rock Collective on January 5th where the band performed at a capacity crowd and shortly afterward released a tour teaser showcasing the bands trip.

January also lead to the addition of a third guitarist making the band a powerhouse of audible ambient and rock textures. The group, now feeling complete, have begun the writing process to complete a full length album.
Late Phases
A blind veteran moves into a secluded forest community, only to discover that recent attacks from the woods are being caused by a creature that is neither animal nor man.

Blind war veteran Ambrose McKinley (Nick Damici, Stake Land) has recently moved to Crescent Bay, a seemingly peaceful community on the outskirts of a dense forest. On his first night in his new home, McKinley hears his elderly neighbor attacked by something he's convinced isn't human. When the creature then kills his seeing eye dog, McKinley's thirst for justice turns into a one-man vendetta against the monster that's terrorizing his neighborhood. And when he's stonewalled by both the police and his fellow residents, he decides to gear up and prepare to fight the beast one-on-one. Now it's man vs myth as McKinley readies himself for what could be his final battle.

With a stunning lead performance from Damici as the take-no-prisoners McKinley and jaw-dropping practical special effects, director Adrian Garcia Bogliano's LATE PHASES is a suspense thrill ride unlike any other.

Runtime: 96 minutes
Homerun Derby
Venue Information:
The Lowbrow Palace
111 E. Robinson Ave.
El Paso, TX, 79902